Monday, March 3, 2014

Another week in sunny 鎌倉!


This past week has been a good one. I have had a lot of fun working with Elder Christensen and Elder Barker. We're becoming more unified than we were at the beginning of the transfer and as a result, we're starting to see more and more success with the work. We're inviting people to meet with us and to hear the lessons. We have a lesson tonight with Riki-San, an English student who has been attending for several months now. He wanted to learn a little bit more about why three Americans would be hanging out in Japan teaching English for free and a little bit more about our beliefs. How cool is that!? Slowly but surely the work is beginning to move forward here in 鎌倉! I'm 100% positive that we will see a baptism in the following weeks.

The weather has been really crazy this week. It's been warm and raining and super duper cold this whole week. I have no idea how weather works but I guess Japan is in one of those weird places where the weather freaks out. I've been working out hard by myself and have been feeling a lot better because of it. I'm trying to convince my companions to run with me but they kind of just like to hang out in the house.

I talked with some really cool Americans this week. On our way back from splits in Hodogaya, we saw some really confused Americans so we talked to them. Turns out one was a class of 1989 graduate and that he service selected Subs coming out of the Academy. He five and dived. But he stayed with the nuclear community and is working with the navy doing so,etching. It turns out that he is really good friends with Andy Musselwhite's father! What a small world! It was a really really cool conversation and they all asked a lot of good questions about our church and our beliefs. It was in all a really good conversation and a great first contact with the church. Plus I met another Academy guy on the other side of the world. I guess it's true that there are always Academy affiliated people all over the world!

This week I conducted an exchange with Elder Otsuka and spent the day working with him in the Hodogaya area. The exchange was rather successful. We did different types of finding such as Kubaring Eikaiwa Chirashi, Housing, and Streeting. He had mentioned to me that they hadn't been as successful with the meaningful contacts as they should be so we we went out and talked to everyone! He believes that since he is Japanese and can't use the excuse that he is A foreigner to stop people, that he can't call out to people and talk to them. I think that this might be one of the reasons that they're not being. As successful. I tried my best to explain that we have different strengths and abilities and that we should use ours to our advantage to talk to people about the Gospel. I believe that as Elder Brooksby and Elder Otsuka become a more unified companionship, that they'll be able to become more effective in sharing the gospel, playing off the strengths and weaknesses of each other. In all, it was a very successful splits. I learned some Japanese and hopefully I was able to teach Elder Otsuka how to become an even better missionary. I look forward to my splits with Elder Brooksby in the coming weeks.

Today for Pday we decided to do some cultural exploration. So we decided to get our feet done. We went to this shop kind of off the beaten path where they have all these tanks filled with fishes. You put your feet in the tanks and all these tiny little fishes start munching on the dead skin on your feet. Apparently this practice is banned in the US. But it's quite the experience! After 20 or so minutes the shop keeper asked us if we enacted to try the "challenge" tanks. They were filled with even bigger fish who would latch on and lick you (kind of). It felt like a cats tongue on your feet. Afterwards, she gave us all this foot cream for our feet to soften up. It was a really cool experience and my feet feel really clean now!

The past week has been really fun. Hopefully the weather isn't as crazy as it has been lately!

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