Monday, October 28, 2013



How is everything? Things here are pretty hectic. But as is life in Japan. Last P-day I went to an all you can eat pasta and cake restaurant. It was AMAZING. I had so much cake it was hard taking the train back to Fussa. It was my trainer's trainer's birthday so all of his friends and a couple of the new missionaries went. It was a lot of fun. Missionaries sure know how to eat! Today I had nikuman, its a poop-shaped rice-dough thing filled with meat. It was super super super good I had another one afterwards, but this one was filled with pizza things. It was good too!

On Tuesday, we had zone conference the whole day. It was ultra long but it went by so quickly. We learned a lot of things about how to be better missionaries and there were a lot of presentations on health and wellness of missionaries and how to stay healthy so that we can get all of the work done without killing our bodies.

We went on Tuesday to a recent convert's home. His name is Kenji. He is a half Peruvian/ half Japanese man. It was excellent because he SPOKE SPANISH! I think that that's the first lesson that I've truly understood here in Japan. My Japanese is progressing slowly but I'm sure that in a few transfers or so that I will be able to do lessons in JAPANESE!

Wednesday was boring.

We do our weekly planning on Thursday so that took up most of our time and we had a lesson with an investigator named Yamada-san. He is a really cool guy but has problems giving up smoking. For dinner we found this restaurant that sells really really good friend chicken, ham, and burgers. For about 240 yen i was able to stuff myself with the best that Fussa has. It was delish.

Friday, We taught a recent activated family names the Perkins. They were super cool as well as they were ultra young. They're recently married as well want to come back to the gospel. They took us to the E-club on base. Brother Perkins is an E-3 and a mechanic. He is planning on commissioning very soon! We had ALL YOU CAN EAT AMERICAN PIZZA at the E-club. It was soooooo good. We also saw a poop-ton of members at the E-club too. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday was the Halloween party with both the Japanese and the English ward. They had chili for dinner. I ate a lot of it. I am beginning to see a theme within this weeks letter. American food is so good. I'll be saddened when I have to leave this area. We had several investigators come to the activity as well as members of our free English class came as well. It was a good time. I met a lot of 0-5's as well as JAGS. There are about 4 JAGS in the ward. I talked their ears off. But they respect me because I come from Annapolis. And I respect them because they are O-5's.

My companion elder Thurman got sick that night and on Sunday he had to sleep in a bit. Elder Nuttall got approval to go to church with another member as his companion and helped our investigators to learn about the sacrament. After he slept through Japanese church we both walked over to English church and watched the primary program. It was super cute.

Anywho, that's what happened this week!

Elder Farr

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