Monday, October 21, 2013

Another week in Japan!

Howdy from the Island in the Pacific,

This week has been lots of fun. Here’s a quick recap of all the highlights:

Last P-Day we had a gospel Concert in Kichijoji with a J-POP group called Blessed4 which preformed. It was really cool and the missionaries were allowed to go! We tried to get our investigators to go but they couldn't. At the end all the missionaries got up to the front and sang called to serve.

We taught an investigator this week named "Dee" I’m not sure what his name was. He has like 8 different names he wants us to call him. We had a lesson at an "all you can eat Pizza" place. Japanese pizza is super gross. One of my slices had octopus in it. I didn’t realize until I was at least 15% of the way done with the slice. Oh wells. Silly Japan...

It’s been raining ALL week in Japan. Last Wednesday we got hit with a typhoon and were supposed to get another one later this week. All that happened was that it was crazy windy and that it rained a poop ton. I got soaked from the walk to the Church on Sunday. It was pretty funny. But I found my rain jacket so I should be good for the next rainstorm.

We had a cool opportunity to help serve the People of Japan. In the Eki (Train Station) for Fussa, Japan we usually pass out flyers for free English class. We saw this one guy taking down these HUGE poster sticker things from the walls that advertised sports day. We offered to help and spent ~25 minutes taking down the posters. The man was so thankful that he offered to help us out by taking our pamphlets to other Ekis and passing them out. That’s the first "real" service that I’ve done here. Japanese don’t really like being helped from what I hear.

We had a zone meeting on Tuesday. It was cool. We went over a lot of things that I have already heard. Also, I got pretty motivated about talking to people about the church. OORAH! On the Way back I had my first full conversation with a Japanese man in which I understood EVERYTHING. It was soo cool. It would have been even cooler if it had been in Japanese and not in Spanish. I've spoken more Spanish here that I would have ever thought.

We went to Itsukaichi one of our days. It’s super pretty. Very mountainous and green. However everyone there is ULTRA Buddhist. It’s funny because everyone has blood donation stickers on their doors in Japan to scare away the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But the area is super inaca (county-like) and so we didn’t get to see many people. So we left after a while. But I did take some sweet photos!

On Saturday I had the chance to escort two seniors in Highschool for the day as "mini-missionaries." It was a YSA activity. They didn’t speak any English. It was rough but when we went out dendo-ing (proselyting) they were super successful and we were able to communicate fairly well by the end. They'll make superb missionaries!

Sunday was loads of fun! I went to 8 hours of church including meetings. It went by super fast! I bore my testimony in the Japanese ward. Needless to say I made a fool of myself. Luckily everyone there is super nice and no one laughed. I also bore my testimony in primary about missionary work. Apparently I said something along the lines of "If you share the gospel then you will die" or something similar. The faces of the people were priceless.

That’s the week!

Elder Farr

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  1. Are you fluent yet? ; You better at least be able to say, Prophet, and Jesus, and Totally Rulez Bro