Monday, November 4, 2013

What's up America?!

Hello from an island!

I hope everything is going well back over in the states. Things have been great here in Japan. Except for the rain. The ran takes the temperature down. like wayyy too farr down. But other than that the weather has been delightful.

I invited my first person to baptism this week! Kim-san! He is a Chinese/Korean man who is also fluent in Japanese. We taught him about the restoration (or I think we did, we had that pamphlet open!) but my companion Elder Nuttall turned to me and said, "invite him to baptism!" and so I did and he understood and he said yes!! His baptism date is tentative for the 14th of December. I'll definitely keep people updated.

Funny story. We ride trains here in Japan A LOT. Like a lot. Most of our funds allotted each month are for travel between cities in our areas. A lot of other people travel by train. When they are packed, you can barely move. But luckily for me I can breathe since I'm pretty much a whole head taller than everyone else. This one morning the trains weren't too packed but there were a lot of middle schoolers and highschoolers going to school. So I said really loud to them "Whats up!?" they all turned to me and I began a conversation that involved a third of the train car. Japanese people usually sit quietly and ignore others. Japanese culture is very inward. But at least 20 school kids were talking to me and I to them about different things. Some middle schoolers from the other car saw the conversation from the other car and crossed train cars and joined in on the conversation.Even some old guys joined in because they saw all the fun everyone was having. At this point there were TONS of Japanese school children listening to me. I showed them my Pokemon cards and explain what I did as a missionary.  I lost track of time and It was almost their stop so I invited them all to come to our free English class on Wednesdays. Hopefully they come! But that was the craziest story of the week.

I went on splits this week with Elder Orton from Kunitachi. I lived there for about 24 hours. Elder Orton is a zone leader. If the Church was the USMC then he would be the equivalent of a Platoon Officer. But he taught me how to be a better missionary and how to approach the Japanese people and talk about the gospel in a non-threatening manner. For lunch we splurged and went to SHABU SHABU. The greatest invention ever. Its so great its illegal in 'murica. And this is why:

Its an all you can eat meat restaurant. What they do is cut up meat into thin ribbons and bring them to you on these trays. In front of you is a pot of boiling water broth mixture which is extremely hot. you can add in things to make it a soup of some sorts and what not. What you do is take a slice of meat with chopsticks and put it into the boiling water to cook it up. After a second or two it changes color. You pull it out, dip it in sauce and eat it! I ate about 20 trays of pork, beef, and chicken. It was SOO GOOD. That's this week's cool food.

I also talked to a Peruvian man for about 20 minutes on the street. My companions had no idea what the conversation was about but we invited his friend to come to church and he came! It was a lot of fun. I sat with him in the Spanish translation room and also went to the Spanish Sunday school with a member as my companion. I guess I'm speaking a lot more Spanish than I thought I would here in Japan. The Lord works in mysterious ways...

Japan is a lot of fun. The people are hard to talk to because they're so set in their ways. But I know that there are those that have been prepared. I cant wait to find them and teach them about the gospel!

Elder Farr

Attached: The Fussa Missionaries: Me, Elder Nuttall from Idaho, Elder Thurman from Utah, Sister Thomas from Utah, and Sister Kawajo from Okinawa!

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