Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly update


I am not dead. It happens to be that the last week of a tranfer we go to the tokyo temple to do a session. And because the temple is closed on Mondays P-day is moved to tuesday for that week. Sorry if anyone thought I was dead. Funny story, last sunday we had an Earthquake that the members told us that they could feel. My companion and I couldn't feel it. Apparently there have been several of them this transfer but we haven't felt them!

Its been a crazy week for Dendo. I dont really know where to begin. Last P-day my companion was sick so we took care of him. Luckily I haven't had to deal with being sick at all. I guess its all mental afterwards! We did however lose Elder Thurman. He was emergency transfered to Fuchu,Japan because one of the Fuchu missionaries was transfered early to be trained in the mission office and his comapnion needed someone to stay with him in Fuchu for the remainder of the week. So its Just me and Elder Nuttall holding down the fort.

I went on Splits with Elder Otsuka (Oat-ska) in Fuchu as well this week. It was a lot of fun he is from the northern region of Japan where it snows alot. His english is sup-par at best and so I had to rely on my broken Japanese to communicate with him. He made me Ramen for dinner the night I stayed at his place. It was AMAZING. Japanese ramen is far superior than American Ramen.

This week I was witness to one of the coolest things in my mission thus Farr:
Elder Nuttall and I had an appointment on Thursday 7 Nov 13. Sadly, the kid called us and told us that something had come up and that he couldn’t meet with us then. We decided to make the best use of our time and go streeting. We walked to the Yokota Air Base, and gave a Book of Mormon to a Potential investigator and bore our testimonies to him about its truthfulness. He said he would read it. After this we weren’t really sure where to go so we started to walk to the Higashi-Fussa eki because we saw a lot of people going in that direction that we could talk to. Upon arriving at said eki, we decided that it would not be the best place to dendo. We did however see a gigantic map of all of Fussa next to the station. We looked at it for a little bit and Elder Nuttall asked me where I wanted to go. I saw a huge tree on the map at a specific intersection and said that there is where we should go. So we went there. We got to the the place where the big tree was supposed to be but no big tree could be found. Elder Nuttall nearly cried. We were about to head out when out of the corner of my eye I saw a college-aged kid who I called out to. Kodai was super receptive of the gospel, we talked to him for quite a while. Afterwards, Kodai said that he would definately be interested in talking to us again some other time. #MiracleNumberOne After talking to him we set out towards the Hamura eki to kubari before dinner. The very next person who we saw after talking to Kodai stopped and talked to us for nearly 15 minutes. He was interested in the gospel as well as how the Book of Mormon related to the Gospel. We gave him a chirashi and invited him to Church. #MiracleNumberTwo After talking to him we continued on our way to the Hamura Eki. We were stopped at a crosswalk and started taking to a kid on a bike. Turns out that he used to attend the Fussa Ward with a friend for about a year but then something happened and he didn’t continue going. We got his number and invited him to church. #MiracleNumberThree

We were able to see the hand of the Lord in our work. It was quite amazing to behold susch miracles unfold before our eyes. It just goes to show that God places prepared people in our paths.

Today we went to a Sushi-go-round where they place sushi on little trays that go around and you pick the ones you want off the conveyor belt and they charge you by the plate. It was delish. Speaking of delish. Japan has a cake-like dish called Mushi-pan. Its amazing. Its kind of like a cupcake but lighter and just as sweet. I am a big fan of the Mushipan.

At Eikaiwa (English Class) an investigator brought me a tray of Umeboshi to eat. Its terrible. Never Eat it if you are given the chance. Ugh. I cringe at the thought of ever eating it again. I was DEFINATELY not a fan. But now I know that I dont like it!

Some funny things about Japan...

On the way back from Splits my companion and I boarded a train to return to Fussa. I wanted to go to the backmost car to look out of it and see the train tracks. We had to move between cars to achieve this. My companion accidentially left the door between the cars open and we didnt realize until much later. However, when I looked back the doors of the trains of the last 3-or-so cars were open all because we had accidentially left ours open. The Japanese are very comformist. They're not keen on tipping the scales or changing the status-quo which is funny when because of that things like leaving the other train car doors open happens.

I met a man on the train that had lived in the US for several months. His english wasn't half bad. Except that he had lived in Kentucky. So he spoke English with a rather hard southern accent. I had to use every ounce of my concentration to not laugh at his english. I guess he didnt realize how funny he sounded. I guess thats Ok because my japanese has been learned from white guys in Utah. So I have no room to Judge.

In all its been a really fun. Spirit filled week. Ive taught a lot of people. Talked to a lot of peaople and eaten a whole lot of really really good food. I love you all and really love hearing from you too!

Best Wishes,

Elder Joshua A. Farr


3.View from the back of a crowded train in the morning. They have people specifically assigned on the platforms to "politely" shove people into the cars. 1. What the train cars look like from the front. 4. Me infront of the Sign thats infront of the Tokyo temple. 5. Fried chicken Sushi 4. Angel Moroni on the Tokyo Temple 2. Me with peanut butter 7. Sushi-go-round

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