Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another week down. Two to go!


I cant believe that I only have 14 days until I leave the US for 22 months! The MTC is just flying by. The rumor mill states that we will be getting our travel plans for Japan this week, Fingers crossed. My district has decided that on our layover on the west coast were going to eat as many hamburgers as possible before we leave the good old US of A. I've already shown them my eating abilities. They're going to get crushed in the future burger eating competition.

Now for slightly more serious things...

Last Tuesday night I was privileged to hear from Elder Schweitzer (emeritus General authority) he talked about becoming a missionary and gave a poop-ton of really cool stories of missionaries teaching people and people finding the gospel. It was a great talk. You could really feel the spirit. Afterwards we watched Legacy as a district. Its super cheesy. I prefer the new Jesus movies the church has put out. If you haven't seen them they're pretty cool. Whoever plays Jesus does a great job! You all should check them out.

This week I discovered Mormon Channel. It was an answer to my prayers. Now instead of sitting in an empty classroom with my companion reading the scriptures I can do it while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir! How cool is that?!? Very. At this point any music is fine by me. Especially MOTAB.

Wednesday I helped clean rooms in another building in anticipation of the incoming missionaries. I helped to host them when they arrived later that day. I welcomed about 7 new missionaries to the MTC. Showed them around, and got them all situated with thier schedule. They all leave the MTC before I do. How crazy is that? I've seen so many people come and go it will be fun when its finally my turn to leave. 14 days... So many mothers Cried as I took their children away from them into the MTC visitors center to get their name tags and other things. I had no mercy. Just kidding it was sad. Sort of. Also the new Japanese missionaries arrived on Wednesday. Its awesome because they dont know Japanese and I know a little bit more. Its crazy to see just how much i've learned since I first arrived.

Thursday was kinda boring not much happened. One of the elders in my district has been showing me how to draw. Its a good stress reliever and helps to keep me awake during the long days and also pay attention. Normally  I would stand up but our classrooms are so small I would be in the way of 2/3 of the district. I drew a cool picture of a covered wagon. If i can figure out how to upload pictures ill send it your way.

Friday was tons of fun. I ran a lot in the morning as well as I took a PRT. I skipped the run because I had no way of keeping track of distance other than using the 1/10 of a mile track that 25 people use at a time. There was NO WAY I was going to try and pass people for 15 laps on a tiny track.  Ill re-do it in Japan. My score for those counting was: 101 sit-ups and 93 push-ups not bad for a strength. I think that's an A on the PRT strength portion but there is no way I can be 100% sure. We played a silly telephone game in class on Saturday. Telephone is hard in English let alone in JAPANESE. I don't know what our sensei was thinking by making us play it. Oh well...

Bow to your SENSEI!

On Saturdays Members come in and we teach them. My companion and I taught a man from Canada who went on a mission to Sapporo I believe. He was really cool. We were able to eek out a message about the restored gospel and remind him about it again. We challenged him to share the message with another friend who was a non-member this week. Hopefully he does!

Sunday was a lot of fun too. My companion and I gave a lesson to our district about the spirit and receiving revelation for about an hour. It was really good and the member of the branch presidency who sat in on the lesson commended us afterwards on our preparation as well as how well we did teaching the lesson. During Seisankai (sacrament meeting) I was not randomly chosen to give a talk but the Elder who was forgot to write one so he babbled for a few minutes in very broken Japanese. Our branch president thought it was pretty funny. I did too.

Yesterday our District had an Eigo (English) fast. We weren't allowed to speak English for ANYTHING. It was slightly hard and our district was a whole lot more quieter than normal but I know that it was because we had trouble expressing what we wanted to say. We were stretched in our language ability yesterday that's for sure! We closed the fast by singing traditional P-day eve songs and praying. It was a good day and a realization for may of us that we only have two more weeks and need to pick up our feet and kick some Japanese language-study butt!

The MTC has been a great so Farr. Only two more weeks and Ill be thrown into the world that is the Japan Tokyo South Mission. I've had a blast here but the time to go has long since past!

Love you All!

Elder Joshua A. Farr

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