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Tomorrow marks the end of my fourth week here at the MTC. It has definately been a pretty crazy one at that. I am almost half way done with my stay here at the mtc and I still feel like I don't know a lick of Japanese. I'm sitting in the huge laundry room writing this email. Its kinda crazy loud missionaries are loud. I guess that is a good thing.

Every Tuesday We have a devotional as a whole unit. My companion and I as well as another companionship in my district out ran numerous missionaries to get front row seats at the devotional. Good thing too because The guest speaker was Neil L. Anderson! After his many words of wisdom they wouldn't let us leave because a HUGE thunderstorm had come through and it was pouring and thundering like crazy (its been doing that all this week). SO they had all the missionaries sit and sing lots of hymns to pass the time as we awaited the storm to pass by. Neil L. Anderson came down and started shaking peoples hands. HE SHOOK MY HAND. It was crazy. He is a lot shorter than I. Plus he probably uses lotion because his hands were super soft. Thats  the first general Authority that I have touched. That sounds odd. But its true. I might get to sing in Conference. Fingers crossed! Afterwards they released us however, it was still pouring so my companion and I sprinted to the residence hall (about 3/4 of a mile run) in our suits in the pouring rain as the other missionaries walked back. I guess thats but a small taste of what monsoon season will be like in Japan.

Side note: Mom, my shoes are waterproof. Also 5/6 of my district has the same Ecco brand shoes as I.

So Tuesday was pretty cool. The rest of the week was fairly basic with classes nd lessons and teaching investigators nothing really too crazy. Cathryn sent me a workout the "Spartacus Workout" and I have been beating my district to death with it three times a week. I woke them up today at 0530 to get the workout in before P-day started and before breakfast. I've gotten everyone to wear their watches correctly and eat healthier meal alternatives. They're all basically mini-Midshipmen.

My companion and I taught an "Investigator" two days ago. We had what we wanted to say in Japanese written out but it was quite amazing since we really didnt need it. We were able to form essentially understandable sentences and bear our testimonies of the church and the power of prayer. I still don't understand how we were able to accomplish that. I guess its perks of being a missionary.

I made a vow two days ago only to speak Japanese from breakfast to bed every day except P-day and in the Gym . Today is the first day that I've spoken English to any of the missionaries in days! The classroom is a whole lot quieter since i'm not talking so much. I guess thats a good and a bad thing. The new phrase of the week is "When you release the Kraken you..." and the sentence is filled in accordingly. I am so glad that the word for "Kraken" will help us out in Japan especially if it decides to invade Tokyo South. District 27 will be prepared to warn all the Japanese of the impending danger.

Overall the MTC has been a great experience thus far. I have had countless opportunites to serve and feel the spirit as well as better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Its not quite the Naval Academy but it has a similar purpose in developing young individuals into people who can go out and represent what they believe in. Its awesome. Plus here you can untuck your shirt when you workout too! One thing that i have been struggling with is comapring myself to those around me. Its hard when others are picking up the language faster than you are. But after much pondering I have come to the conclusion that these two years are no longer about me. I cannot learn Japanese by myself I need assistance from our Father in Heaven. Without him there is no way that I would be able to accomplish as much as I have so far. I have changed my perspective this week and it really has made a HUGE difference in my life its awesome.

Thank you for all your letters and packages. Ive gotten so much love from back home its awesome. Also, Elder Hernandez has enjoyed your letters too he really appreciaes it even though he has zero idea who any is! And to whoever sent me a dear elder to Japan... Nice one. Haha.

I brought my funky pants that I got from Grandpa. They're a hit. Everyone is super jealous of them and they're writing home to have their parents send them a pair. Everyone wishes they were as cool as Farr Choro. Snaps to Grandpa.

Joshua A. Farr

Oh and here are some pictures.

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