Thursday, July 31, 2014

I haven't found any roaches in our apartment all transfer!


This week has been kind of crazy. Yesterday was temple Pday but since I'm a zone leader our schedules are always hectic and time to write our emails disappeared. Elder young and I took a little bit of time today to send out a couple quick emails to our loved ones to let them know that we are still alive and doing well.

I'm still alive and doing well.

We finally have an AirConditioner in our apartment and man does it do wonders! I'm finally able to sleep normally at night and Elder Young and I haven't been exhausted all week. We can work hard from sunrise to sunset without having to worry about us getting burnt out by 1400.

Since Elder Young and I are zone leaders, we spend a whole lot of our time training the other missionaries in our zone how to work effectively and how to be better missionaries. We also use our time with other missionaries to help learn more about them and how we can help them reach their full potential and achieve their own personal goals.

I went on splits with Elder Crandall and Elder Miyazawa in Hibarigaoka and Fussa respectively. Elder Crandall and I played a whole lot of basketball (Stereotypical Missionary work, right?) and met a lot of really cool kids. We ended up,getting a return appointment with this guy and his younger brother to meet for lunch and learn a little bit more about coming to church and each other. I'm really excited to see what kinds of good things will come forth from that meeting.

In Fussa I was able to relive my first couple of transfers with the district leader there, Elder Miyazawa. We went to a small city by foot to see if we could locate a less active member. We were walking and talking to people since we got kind of lost and couldn't really remember where the less active was. We eventually found him in his house and talked to him through his kitchen window as he was making ramen or some sort of noodles for lunch. He kind of ignored us but it was okay because he said we could come back another time and go to lunch with him. I think that if we can help him get more friends then maybe he'll be more inclined to come back to church!

Yesterday I taught a lesson to one of our investigators Christian. We talked a lot about having charity and how if he is a good example to his non-Christian parents then they will see the good example he is putting forth and he will be able to help,them become more Christian-like people. Christian is really cool and really wants to help out his family. Were meeting him later this week and it should be a really good lesson.

Well it's good to hear from you all, I hope that everyone has a great week filled with lots of delicious cheeses!

Very Respectfully,
Elder J. Alan Farr

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