Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moshi moshi!

Friends and Family,

This week was a lot of fun. Despite the obnoxious amount of rain that we had this week we were able to do a lot of really really cool things. Here is the condensed version of what happened this week:

This week I went on exchanges with one of the district leaders over in Hibarigaoka. It was a lot of fun. We went out and proselyted as usual. We also found a lot of people who had interested in meeting with us and learning about the gospel. Elder Scott has been out a little longer than me but it's awesome being able to go on splits with lots of missionaries as Zone Leader since it gives me a chance to learn with them how to be better missionaries. Apparently Elder Scott has an interest in Joining the Marine Corps after the mission so we talked a lot about that. Missions are definitely the place to gain those much needed skills for leading as an officer. It's all about peer leadership out here in the mission field!

The best thing that happens this week was that An Apostle of The Lord, Elder Cook, came and visited us. I was fortunate that I was able to see him speak twice! He held a special missionary devotional for both of the Japan Tokyo missions. He and an area seventy talked a lot about doing missionary work and especially how to become better missionaries by working more effectively and inspired. He looks a lot different in person than on TV for general conference and what not. He talked specifically on the importance of the first vision and the Prophet Joseph Smith. And how most people won't remember exactly what they were taught, but they will remember the first vision because it's such an import piece of what makes our message so unique! So I'll definitely be trying to do better with that. The second time he talked to all the members of the Kanto Region at the Kichijoji church. It was just as good but instead he talked about families and temple attendance it was really cool being able to hear from him twice! The second time he stood with an interpreter next to him and it was pretty cool being able to understand a good portion of what the interpreter was saying. Mostly because the translation was said just a few moments before.

That's the big highlight of the week. It was a whole lot of fun being able to run around and preach the Gospel here to those in Tokorozawa. It's always a blast hearing for you all at home. Have an awesome week!

Very Respectfully,
Elder J. Alan Farr

Pics: Homemade Gyoza! (Pot stickers), the district on the train! Left to right: Elder Connell, Elder Suzuki, Sister Harper, Sister Nara, Elder Strain is out of the picture and I'm taking it!

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