Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's getting hot in Tokorozawa


This week was super hectic. Being a zone leader is a whole lot more work than I originally thought it was going to be. Zone Leader life is a lot of Meetings and phone calls and Emails and running around from here to there.

Tuesday I had the privilege to go with Elder Tipine on splits in my first area Fussa. It's was super weird being able to walk around Fussa. It's like I never left Fussa! We spent the day in Akishima. As zone leader, I was I charge of helping Elder Tipine with his basic training and his desire to become a better missionary we talked a lot and I helped him set goals and plans for the next six weeks of the transfer to help him become a better missionary. He is still a little rough around the edges from just finishing up training but I feel as if his new companion Elder Miyazawa will be able to help him get better.

Wednesday, we had my first phone call with the Assistants, the other Zone Leaders and President Wada. We talked a whole lot about how to help the mission as a whole and about how to,help those that are ready to receive the ordinance of baptism. The phone call was rather long but it was good being able to see just how things are done in the background with all the mission leadership.

Thursday was kind of rough. We woke up and after personal study we went and ran over to the church to make it in time for our district meeting. It was an interesting experience. Our district Leader, Elder Suzuki has a lot of big plans to get our area into action. I'm really excited to see all the miracles that will happen here in the coming weeks. His plans are to help the Ward gain a better desire to serve with the missionaries. His biggest desire is to help strengthen the relationship that exists between the members and the a Missionaries. Afterwards we ran to catch a train to Fussa to supervise their district meeting. When we got back we had dinner and then went to the church to teach a recent convert Sister Midorikawa. It was a super hard lesson about going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Luckily one of the members of the Elders quorum volunteered to help us in the lesson so it turned out really good. He was really able to help fill in the gap for us.

Friday we helped set up the Apartment for the new sisters in the Area. We spent the whole day moving heavy appliances, putting together things, and stocking the house with food. There was so much to do it was crazy. We didn't even get to eat lunch we were so busy! The sisters really appreciated all that we did for them. Now that they have all the necessities taken care of, I'm sure that they'll be able to hit the ground running while taking care of the Lord's work. Afterwards we went to our weekly Activity with the community where we made some Hiyashi rice. It was really really tasty. Everyone had a really good time and were able to see that us missionaries aren't weird people.

Saturday we proselyted as normal, my bike blew a tire while I was riding it so I had to find a bike shop that would repair my inner tube. We help the sister missionaries find their away around the area and showed them where the church and other things were so they wouldn't get super lost their first couple of days in the area. In the evening we had dinner with the Bishop, his wife, and the rest of his family. The food was really good. We were able to show him that we meant business when it came to working hard in this area. Elder Suzuki was able to present our  ideas for making Tokorozawa a leader in the mission and the Bishop really like what we had in mind and our plans. I really think that were doing really well with winning the trust of the Bishop.

Sunday at church was fun. It was a normal church day. It was really cool. Two of our investigators came and it was a great experience for all of them. In gospel principles, we had a good time teaching Sister Midorikawa about the being honest with people. We had really good discussions concerning Honesty. After church we went to a Buddhist temple for this samurai thing that was happening with a potential investigator. The whole time we thought we were going to die because of his crazy driving. But luckily survived. We were able to learn a lot about him and his thoughts on religion. I think that he will become an investigator in a little bit. After our near- death experiences with the samurai man. Elder Connell and I rode our bikes to a nearby park. I met a Japanese couple there who lived by the Walmart by Tuttle Mall in Dublin. I was freaking out the whole time. They said that they lived in the US, then in Ohio, then in Columbus, then in Dublin. The entire time I was absolutely stunned.

Well that pretty much covers my past week here in Tokorozawa. It was a great week bring people closer unto Christ. I really hope that things are well over in the States!

Very Respectfully,
Elder J. Alan Farr

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