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Today is my first official P-Day. I have P-Day every Tuesday so that is why I haven't responded so timely. Thank you for your letters I got the Dear elder one and the one from Mom in a timely fashion so both services work well.

I have been at the MTC for over a week. I reported on Wednesday around 11:45 and was immediately shuttled to and from place to place getting all my issued gear. I got my name tag (in Japanese of Course) as well as my huge pile of Japanese Books.They took us right into the classroom. Its crazy because as soon as I arrived our sensei (teacher) started talking to us in Japanese. I had zero Idea what he was saying. He has spoken English all week and I still don't know what he is saying. We spend about 6 hours in the classroom having Japanese rammed at us. Its quite fun not knowing whats being said. I can say a basic prayer, share a basic testimony and make very very very simple sentences. Equipped with this knowledge I have been able to teach an Investigator over 3 times in the past week. Crazy Huh? The Spirit here is super strong there is no way I would be able to learn this much Japanese with its help. I was able to learn the entire Hiragana Alphabet and be able to read and write it in only a few hours one day!

The food here is good I try not to eat too much because its really easy to gain weight. I'm following a strict diet of whatever looks good. Haha. But seriously the MTC is great they even have homemade Ice-Cream. I eat most of my meals with my district (12 Missionaries) as well as my Companion. Everyone here is SUPER Mormon and from Utah, no joke. You think i'm joking but i'm not. Everyone in my District is either from Utah or from Idaho. I'm from the furthest east.

My companion, Elder Hernandez is pretty cool, albeit young. He's an 18 year old recent graduate from the American High School located in Okinawa. Hes lived on bases there his whole life and doesn't know a lick of Japanese or Spanish either. Hes young but full of energy. So are all the other Missionaries here I out age them by over 1.5 years on average. But in the class room that does not really mater. I love them all and cant wait to see the progress that we will all make in the coming weeks.

Sunday here Was really cool. We had Sacrament meeting in Japanese and the only Word I could Understand was Morumon Sho (Book of Mormon) and Amen (Amen). But it was a good meeting regardless. Following church services I was able to attend a fireside given by the director of the MTC where he gave a good talk about the purpose behind the purpose of the Missionary. Followed by a recording of an Address by Elder Bednar entitled "Character of Christ" it was REALLY REALLY good I recommend you watch it one day because its that good plus its Bednar so you know it'll be pretty good.

I've seen all the Mids except for Wilson Rydalch because he lives on the West campus of the MTC. Hopefully I will see him tonight for our devotional. William Allred lives two doors to my right and Diaz a floor below so we see each other frequently through out the day which is good. Often we well just congregate around the pull-up bar and workout whilst conversing.

The Language is Hard. But I know the Lord will provide a way because I know that I was called to this mission for a reason. I'm amazed at the progress that I've had in the past 6 weeks. The missionaries that about to leave (dai sempi) are well versed in the language, I cant wait to be able to form well thought out sentences in Japanese. Hopefully all is going well. Send letters and packages :) Its always good to hear from you.

I have attached a few pictures, I haven't had much time to take many but I'll try my best to send a few each week!

Elder Joshua A. Farr
Japan Tokyo South Mission

Elders Farr, Allred, and Diaz

Elders Hernandez and Farr

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