Monday, April 14, 2014

ハロー from Japan!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fun week. This is what I did this week...

Tuesday was a lot of fun. I went on splits with my old companion Elder Christensen and our trainees went on splits together (I bet that was fun). The day started off relatively normal, we went and did study and then went to the church to use the internet for our iPads to teach Elder Busteed and Elder Terry how to use Family History while proselyting. Afterwards Elder Christensen and. I went to Higashi Totuska because I've only been there three times before. We walked around for a little bit and found this park hidden in the middle of the city. We went there and talked to this old man who had no teeth for maybe 40 min about our church and where it is. He said that he was going to come to church so we'll have to have faith and hope that he will remember, and be able to make it this up-coming Sunday. We went back and met a woman who LOVED America. She was really adamant about her love towards America. She also said that she loved Ellen Degeneres. I think that that might have been the first time I've heard anyone in Japan say that. We also ran into one of our base friends named Malcolm. He was with his fiancée hanging out in Kamakura. It was super weird seeing him since we only ever talked to him for maybe 20 min like four weeks ago. He was super impressed that we still remembered his name. After dinner we went and street end around towards the beach. We met a man from Arabia who speaks fluent Japanese. It's crazy seeing how many people come to Japan for various reasons. I froze to death on the walk home. Luckily we don't have to live in Sapporo where the floors of their houses freeze over. He was really cool, he said that he was going to school in Japan to learn Japanese and is studying international business.

Wednesday was a lot of fun. Elder Terry and I reunited as a normal Missionary Companionship and resumed proselyting as normal. We went to Zushi and walked around the Zushi Ginza trying to talk to people. We also talked to some kids who played soccer. In Zushi there is this big bridge that over looks the river that leads to the Ocean. It was a lot of fun, but we then went home, had some food and afterwards we went to English class to teach some English. It was really fun. This wild man named came and it was a blast because he kept saying all these silly things to practice his English. He is really really good at English. Apparently he used to come to our English class back in the day, but no longer. Hopefully he comes again this following Wednesday! A lot of our normal students didn't show up to English Class so it was kind of Boring, hopefully EVERYONE shows up!

Thursday was really warm out. By then most of the Sakura trees are starting to lose their Cherry blossoms and bloom leaves. In the afternoon Elder Terry and I decided that we needed to go somewhere else for the day to try and find people who would be open for our message. We decided to travel down this really narrow road for a while until we came to this community of houses. It was Really Hot but we went throughout the neighborhood and knocked on every house door. We met a couple of people who were nice and willing to talk but weren't really all that interested in what we had to offer. We left the nice community and headed back toward our house and the the Church. We decided that instead of passing out flyers for an hour or so we were going to walk to the beach and see what was going on around there. We talked to a few people on the way, including this old man who was really keen on talking about whatever. After parting ways we eventually got to the beach. We met two Nepali men who had been living in Japan for many years and were attending school for international business management. They gave us some Japanese learning tips and then we walked around the beach for a bit. We saw some kids picking up trash so we asked them why and they told us that they were part of a service club. We asked if we could help. They seemed absolutely awestruck by such a request. They got us trash bags and grabbers. We picked up trash for about 29 min with the big group and then we parted ways. Were going to try and come back next week to pick up trash off the beach! We walked home quickly, had a very quick dinner, and spent the rest of the evening doing our weekly planning session. Thursday was long, but it was fun!

Friday we got up, and ran around to mark out the streets so that we can train more effectively in the mornings and know where we're running to instead of just having the watch tell us when we need to stop. I think it's better to have a visual maker, but that might be a personal opinion. After working out, we cleaned the apartment a bit. We showered, ate breakfast and then studied until about 9:40 where we had to catch a tran to Hodogaya so we could make it to the district meeting. The meeting was a lot of fun, we had the Zone leaders and the Sister training leader in the meeting so it was a packed house. But needless to say, it was loads of fun. Afterwards I went on splits with Elder Otsuka. We went to his house, had some chicken nuggets and then hit the streets after doing a quick mandatory apartment check. We walked around for a couple of hours and talked to a bunch of people. We gave out several copies of the Book of Mormon and then walked to a park. We met a man who loves to golf and we talked to him for   really really long time. Then all of a sudden he got up and left us sitting there wondering what happened. He probably forgot to do something. We spent a lot of time just walking around and talking to people, it was a lot of fun. We make a pretty good team. I would enjoy being his companion. Unfortunately his companion doesn't think the same thing...Haha. We came back to the apartment and had rice with some cheese and chicken sauce that I created. It wasn't half bad either! We finished eating and then we went out and headed to the train station to go and pass out English flyers. Apparently the Hodogaya Elders got banned from passing out flyers in a certain spot so we tried to find an effective spot to pass out flyers. We didn't really find any but did talk to a few people too so our efforts weren't in vain. We found a guy who really wanted to come to church, he said that he would come the next opportunity he had! For dinner I experimented a bit with chicken and the whole time Elder Otsuka was questioning my decisions. I guess the Japanese don't like to experiment as much with their cooking as I do. We had a lot of fun proselyting in Hodogaya. We saw a lot of miracles and helped progress the work. Hooray!

Saturday and Sunday we travelled by train to Shonandai to watch General Conference at the Stake Centre. It was a lot of fun! It was good being able to listen to the leaders of the Church in English. The Spirit really strong. Instead of the normal two hours in between sessions of Conference we only had one! Unfortunately none of our investigators came, but I'm sure they will come to Church this following Sunday!

Have a great week! Stay 元気!
Very Respectfully,
Elder J. Alan Farr

Pictures: New Japanese plebe friend, cleaning up trash on the beach

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