Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello everyone from 日本東京都福生市!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week this past week. I know that I for certainly had a fun time! This week has been wild to say the least. I cannot believe just how fast the week has flown by. Last Thursday marked 6 months being out on a mission. That's 25% done. I certainly hope that the last 75% goes a little bit slower, I would much like to soak it all up.

Elder Ford and I hit it hard on the streets trying to get those 70 meaningful contacts and turn people from random people on the streets into potential investigators and even actual investigators!

Since I am kind of short on time I'll just tell a crazy story!

During Japanese Church, I was sitting there in my own thoughts while the sacrament was being passed around. One of the passers came back to me and asked "Are you still good to talk in sacrament meeting?" I looked up at the bishop and he nodded his head. I said yes not really knowing what to talk about. I pulled out the program that I had taken and put into my pocket without even reading it. On it was my name saying I was speaking first! No one had told me that I was supposed to give a talk! (I actually got a call today from the brother that forgot, he was sincerely sorry and apologized at least I think that's what he said, I don't speak Japanese good. Nor English for that matter.) I walked up and gave a 7ish minute talk on faith that I had less than 2min to prepare. It was awesome. I was super duper impressed that I was able to accomplish such a crazy feat! Defiantly the gift of tongues! Its crazy how blessed one gets when doing things as a missionary!

Things are great in Fussa! I love it here. Hopefully I get to stay another transfer!

Elder J. Alan Farr

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