Wednesday, December 25, 2013

'Tis the Season!


Its that time of the year here in Japan. Christmas is just two days away! Things are definitely in full swing. There are so many ads for Christmas chicken and cake, not as much snow, and definitely not as much "Traditional" American commercialism. Its a different feel that's for sure. Different cultures = Different traditions.

Now for the real exciting stuff, how my week went! Last P-day was on Tuesday so my week has been a little short! But fun nonetheless!

Wednesday was not super out of the ordinary. We woke up, did our morning study stuffs and tried to get in contact with this old woman who Elder Tauchi and I had met on splits the week or two prior to that. Afterwards we decided to Kubari The Fussa Eki. (Pass out fliers inside the Fussa city train station) to get people to come to our free english class. We did this for about an hour or so. At the end of the hour, I couldn't feel my hands, they were SO COLD. It doesn't snow here in Tokyo, but since it's still about 8 degrees Celsius we probably wont be getting snow any time soon.

It has rained a lot this week however. For two or three days out of the 6 this past week, Elder Merrill and I have had to face the elements in an attempt to spread the good word to all those who don't have it yet. Thank goodness for cold-gear Underarmour!

Thursday we had a conference with Elder Whiting of the Quorum of the Seventy. We essentially had a 6 hour question and answer session with him where were were allowed to stand and ask him questions pertaining to missionary work and what not. It was essentially the latter part of a Forrestall like at the Academy but less people and more churchy. He asked if anyone knew the missionary purpose and I raised my hand to stand up and recite it in Japanese for the whole room to hear. I did it plebe summer style. I should have started it: SIR THE MISSIONARY PURPOSE IN JAPANESE IS... probably not appropriate to yell in the sacrament meeting room. But he was impressed and so was everyone else by my confidence in reciting it. Afterwards several missionaries came up to me and told me that they were super impressed.

At the conference we were supposed to bring stockings that we bought at the 100 yen store that the mission home would fill and give back to us some time later this week. Elder Merrill and I couldn't find any stockings in any of the stores in Fussa so we made our own. You would be so proud of me. I bought America-themed cloth and made a sweet-looking stocking that would rival any traditional-store-bought stockings. I think I'm going to keep it for as long as its good. Elder Merrill made his look like a penguin. I forgot to take pictures so Ill send some later!

This week also, with the Fussa Japanese ward we drove around the area visiting less-actives and caroled at their houses. It was an ultra spiritual experience, everyone was home and I think I even saw a few tears in the eyes of some of the adults. It was long and hard facing the cold and rain of that day, but definitely the warmth of the Lord's love could be felt for these people. It was #Awesome_Motivating

We have a new investigator! Hiroshi-san!  Well kind of... He is an English class student that has come to church a few times and that we've met with once before. He wanted to meet with us to "practice English." We had a lesson with him this week and he wanted to know why there were so many churches on the Earth. Of course, we explained to him why! He said that if we were trying to baptise him and get him to join the church he didn't want to meet with us but he still agreed to meet with us again for another lesson on the Plan of salvation and he also came to church yesterday... Odd, right? It was quite odd. I think that he is concerned about his family or friends because that's a big problem here in Japan. But he is kind of a secret investigator but without a baptismal date.

I may have almost killed Elder Merrill on several occasions. Our morning runs have left him quite close to the verge of death. I should either back off (nah) or suggest to him a bike. Apparently the other Elders are spreading rumors about how when at the MTC, I PTed them to death during the hour allotted for missionaries to work out. I laughed when I heard that one. If they really wanted to die, they would work out with 1/c Scott Obrien.

This week we also had a small open house at the Cooper residence for the people who live in their apartment building and some of the English class students. Because they can't speak English they invited us to come and help translate for them and also eat some of their food. We were more than glad to go! I ate way too many cookies that night. But we did get two really good potential investigators form that event so I am super excited to see what comes about from that. Maybe they'll be investigators by the next time you hear from me!

In all, things are really really good here in 福生 Japan. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! If you get a chance check out this cool video from

Very Respectfully,
Elder Farr

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